Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Gelsey, the Flower Fairy 

This sweet fae stands about 7" tall on her decorated Manzanita base. She is costumed in flower petals and silk- with iridescent wings and mohair wigging.
She is available for sale: $850.00 Please contact me for additional photos or information. Thank you!  deb@debwood.com

Saturday, March 19, 2016

 Presenting "Rhapsody in Blue" 
now available for Sale! 


Rhapsody will be premiered at the International Doll & Teddy Show in Asheville NC in June. She is fully sculpted, starting with a strong, wired and clay armature with attention to every detail of her fully sculpted body.
If you would like to see additional photos of her process, please get in touch!

She is costumed in silks and synthetic fabrics-with silk trims and additional beading. Her leather-like bustier is made from clay but meant to look like embossed leather. Her hair is mohair. She stands about 10" tall (25 cm) not counting the unique manzanita base.

For Sale: $1250.00 Contact Deb with any inquiries or requests for additional photos.  deb@debwood.com

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

"Night Circus" 
(Click on the photos below to enlarge)

The smell of roasted peanuts, popcorn and cotton candy waft through the air. There is magic here and we can feel it. As darkness covers the earth, the tent lights start to glitter and the Night Circus springs to life. With the brilliant colors, vibrant face painting; wild hair styles and silk and satin rustling in their costuming; we know we have found the "Night Circus".

Mystery surrounds the characters in this theatrical production and everyone entertains their own muse.  Black and White are the Colors of the Hour to illustrate and contrast the night sky against the bright stars, with Blood Red providing just the right the accent

She is costumed in silks, satins, knits and net; with a bustier that laces in back with silk ribbon. Tiny leather ballerina slippers, striped leggings and net stockings complete her look. This figurative sculpture is one of a kind- and she stands about 10" tall. 

This Night Circus figure is the second place winner in the February 2016 Michelangelo Art Show in Milan, Italy. 

For Sale: $1250.00.00 Contact Deb with any inquiries or requests for additional photos. deb@debwood.com